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South of France Workshop Newsletter #3 

August 2013

Bon jour mes amis!

I'm enjoying preparing for our workshop just five weeks away. Here are a few tips for packing and getting ready to depart. I can't wait to see you all in the south of France. 





chateau d'arpaillargues

 Courtyard of Chateau d'Arpaillargues

Frequently asked questions

Packing suggestions

The rule of thumb in the south of France is casual and comfortable. For the ladies, sundresses, skirts, knee-length shorts, capri pants, tank tops and short sleeved T-shirts all work great during the day. I like to wear light blouses over tank tops to protect from the sun. It is appropriate to dress up for the evening meal, so pack something a little dressier to wear for dinner. 


Here are a few additional tips:

  • Don't forget your sunhat and sunscreen! 
  • Painters should bring along a work apron. 
  • If you wish, bring a swimsuit for the Chateau's lovely pool and garden.
  • Pack a sweater, shawl or jacket to cover your shoulders in the morning and evening. 
  • Pack a long pair of pants and a long sleeved shirt in case of cooler temperatures.
  • It could rain so a light raincoat or umbrella is a good idea. 
  • Plan to layer as you would for any travel packing. 
  • I always encourage travelers to leave expensive or expensive-looking jewelry at home.  
  • The most important clothing item is comfortable shoes for happy feet. The streets are often uneven cobblestone so bring walking shoes or sandals with a corrugated sole. You don't want to break an ankle because of smooth soled shoes!




Telephone Tips


Arles - the city of art and culture

Courtyard of hospital in ArlesAs you know, we will spend a day exploring Arles.  What a wonderful town!  It has a distinctly Latin flavor, chock full of fascinating Roman ruins, Medieval architecture, museums, galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants. The best part is walking  around the town to check out  the locations inspiring to Van Gogh. I was amazed by how little things have changed since he painted here. Pictured is a painting Van Gogh made while staying at the hospital in Arles. Below is a photo of the courtyard today. I know you are going to enjoy our day of discovery in Arles.  Arles Hospital



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