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Art Escapes

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Every day we experience dozens of little moments that touch us deeply: the glimmer of raindrops in a spider web, the changing light on a barn in a wheat field, three flowers in a vase on a cafe table. Art Escapes, published by North Light Books, encourages you to capture these moments in a daily visual journal and enrich your life through art. 

Artist and teacher Dory Kanter shows you exercises and techniques that can be completed quickly, allowing you to take time for a short "art escape" each day. Dory's unique methods, much loved by her students, will make it easy for you to record your personal experiences whether at home or away. 

Through painting, writing, sketching, collage and drawing, you will create what Dory calls private art: experiments of the hand and heart that bear witness to the richness of our daily lives. 

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In addition to the U.S. edition,  Art Escapes has been published in Dutch, British and Chinese editions. Electronic versions of the English-language edition are available from Amazon, Google, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Sony.

Dutch edition
Published by Cantecleer
  British edition
Published by David & Charles
  Chinese edition
Published by Cube Press
(Cite Publisheing Ltd.)


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